November 15, 2011

Retro Heartthrob: Ben Covington

I'm not sure why, but I was recently compelled to watch all four seasons of Felicity back to back.  It took me about three weeks, which doesn't sound like a lot but considering each episode is an hour long and there are about 22 episodes per season, that amounts to a whole lotta TV watching.

Will you help me study for O-Chem? I am
cute and helpless like a puppy.
Before all of this Twilight hooplah started and girls began declaring themselves either Team Edward or Team Jacob, we ladies who were teenagers in the 90's aligned ourselves with Team Ben or Team Noel.  Felicity, Ben and Noel: the ultimate love triangle.  We hung on for four seasons to see whether Felicity would choose to be with Ben, her fantasy guy (who didn't treat her very well), or Noel, her predictable best guy friend who loved her unconditionally.

I must say, after rewatching the show, I am firmly a member of team Ben.  Ben Covington, played by Canadian (!) actor Scott Speedman, predictably followed the heartthrob formula described here and here.  Cute but distant, complicated relationship with his dad, kind of dense, but vulnerable and in need of saving.  After writing three of these posts I am starting to notice that ALL OF THESE HEARTTHROBS ARE THE SAME GUY.

Well, if they can do it, I can do it.  Here is my attempt at writing a hit TV drama: 

The main character is a female.  She is kind of naive and has recently undergone some kind of life change (moving/graduating from high school/changing peer groups).  She meets a guy.  A totally hot guy.  He is elusive, but through circumstance they are thrown together into a situation that requires them to talk to each other (sharing a class/mutual friends/she finds out he can't read).  The guy realizes that he likes her, but because of his problems with his dad and her social awkwardness, it's difficult for him to connect emotionally with her.  This is the pilot episode.  The remaining 10 seasons of the show will involve her chasing after him and him alternatively pissing her off and trying to win her back.  Ta da!!!

Anyway, yeah.  Felicity was a really good show.  And I have created a related drinking game!  Anytime someone on the show says, "Can we talk?" or some variation, take a shot.  Warning: make sure you play this game somewhere that you will be comfortable spending the night.  You will be hammered before the end of the first episode.


  1. I <3 Scott Speedman - Team Ben all the way ;)

  2. lol--- I love the "can we talk" or "hey"... lots of whispering goes on too.